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41 Turnham Green Terrace
London, W4 1RG

020 89954906


Neals Yard Beauty Balm

Daniel Hunt

Our new beautiful desert island must have... We're smiling as we put it on our shelves.  Such a small pot- with so many uses! I Know I'll be buying a few of these as presents...

- protective body moisturiser, rich & nourishing cleanser,nourishing lip balm, cuticle repair, make up high- lighter, hay fever nose balm, eye brow tamer, nail balm, rough elbows, cracked heels, facial mask- 

The list goes on....! 

A beautiful balm with Shea nut butter, essential oils & borage oil  as well as high vitamin C packed rosehip oil which smoothes fine lines, improves elasticity, reduces hyper- pigmentation & scarring .. 

What's not to like?