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Iron Supplements


Which Iron supplement should I chose?         

When deciding on what type of iron supplement to take there are a few main choices:

  • Tablets or Liquid? 
  • Heme iron or non-heme iron? 

Most people find tablets more convenient to take but it is worth avoiding some of the cheaper, more commonly available iron tablet formulations as they tend to cause constipation and are not very well absorbed - these are the non-heme iron type (usually in the form of Ferrous Sulphate in small print on the label) . Thankfully heme iron supplements are better absorbed and are non constipating - these are the ones we normally recommend and we consistently have very good feed back. 

If you prefer taking a liquid iron supplement the good news is that because the iron is already in solution it is less dependent on stomach acid to help dissolve the iron salt and is easier to absorb. The slight downside is that because it is very well absorbed manufacturers tend to keep the iron dosage down to reduce the risk of accidental overdose if a child were to get hold of it and drink from the bottle. Therefore adults might have to take quite a lot to achieve the same dose as a tablet formulation. 

All things considered we normally recommend Solgar's Iron Bisglycinate for those who prefer taking tablets and Viridian's Liquid Iron is a very good choice for those who would prefer a liquid.