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Natures Plus

Animal Parade Inner Ear Support

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Animal Parade Inner Ear Support

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Animal Parade Children´s Chewable Inner Ear Support supplement is the quantum leap in probiotic science that parents have been waiting for. Significant scientific research and practical experience confirm Nature´s wisdom of using beneficial probiotic bacteria to help balance the natural microbial ecology of the intestines. This revelation has led researchers to question whether any other probiotics might provide additional benefits in other areas of the body. Exhaustive research has revealed the answer to be a resounding YES. In fact, researchers have identified a powerful probiotic called S. salivarius K12. A member of the same species needed for yogurt production, K12 confers amazing benefits in children´s inner ears

Animal Parade Children´s Chewable Inner Ear Support supplement:

provides billions of live probiotic cells delivered straight to the inner ear and throat
is reinforced with soothing, time-tested herbs: chamomile and mullein leaf
helps maintain a healthy balance of children´s ear, mouth and throat microorganisms
is made with xylitol, known to support inner ear health in children
features an irresistibly delicious natural cherry flavour in fun animal shapes
is a sugar-free formula
contains xylitol, which prevents dental caries