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Pai Skincare

Pai Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Oil

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Pai Echium & Amaranth Age Confidence Oil

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  • Plant Squalene locks-in moisture and prevents water loss
  • Powerful anti-inflammatories protect sensitive skin from the ageing effects of irritation
  • Concentrated forms of Omega 3 & 6 accelerate cell regeneration.
  • Lipid and Collagen protectors help keep skin firm and plump.


Skin Type: Age Prone, All Skin Types (See Directions for usage by skin type)

Pai Age Confidence Oil delivers a supercharged dose of vitamins, omegas and essential nutrients guaranteed to optimise skin health and restore your natural radiance. 

98% organic, this silky blend combines ten powerful plant actives carefully selected to optimise hydration and regeneration, and minimise inflammation and environmental stress. 

The result is skin that is plumper, calmer, and wonderfully supple. Its natural ability to better retain moisture means skin stays smoother for longer. 

The additional ability to increase skin metabolism reveals a brighter, revitalised complexion, and helps skin run its essential functions at its absolute best.



Your skin type and level of hydration will determine how often you should apply Age Confidence Oil.

Combination, oily skin: apply 1-2 evenings per week.

Normal skin: apply 2-3 evenings per week.

Dry skin: apply every evening.

Like all Pai products, you can use with extremely sensitive skin.


Massage 2-3 drops of Oil into slightly damp skin until fully absorbed.

Extending your application method and incorporating key facial massage techniques stimulates the muscles, plumping and lifting the skin from within.

Pai's facial massage guide is included in the box.