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41 Turnham Green Terrace
London, W4 1RG

020 89954906

SOS Testimonials

What customers are saying about SOS dry & sensitive 

I absolutely love the SOS range for my entire family as nothing else as nothing else works as well as this on my children’s eczema. If I stop using the SOS products the eczema comes back. I wouldn’t use anything other than SOS on my children’s skin
— Lola Skinner and her two children, Middlesex
The SOS face and body wash is wonderful - gently cleanses my son’s skin without a lather, non-drying, lovely and creamy and simply the best for sensitive skin. We have been using it since he was four months old and swear by it.
— Fay Arthusell and her son, Essex

Recommended by Experts

There are some effective products on the market with natural ingredients such as chickweed, evening primrose and scalene which will soothe the skin and if used regularly, help control eczema and other dry skin conditions
— Dr Chris Steele, resident ITV doctor

SOS range has been instrumental in helping manage my daughter’s eczema
— Sorayo Bonato, London
This is the only cream that works for my son’s eczema
— Maria, Sussex